This site provides a basic overview of copyrights, fair use, public domain, permissions, subsidiary rights, work-for-hire contracts, reversion of rights, cancellations, marketing for authors, an overview of the structure of a publishing company, recommended books on publishing, top publishers, a book’s competition, book proposals, and common terms used within the publishing industry.

First Steps to Publish

You dream of publishing a book, but before you begin you need to know:

1. How to research the competition

2. How to find the right literary agent for your book

3. How to approach, submit, and develop your “pitch” to an agent, publisher, and your targeted book buyer

4. How to write and submit a marketing plan for your book

To improve your odds of becoming published, you must learn to analyze the editorial interests of publishers.

It is vital today to understand the publishing business and contractual considerations before you sell, market, and promote your book to the public.

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