Google Products

Google Blogger — A free and easy way to make your own blog. This is a wonderful way to provide information about your book and connect with your readers.

• Google Sites — A free resource if you don't have money to build a professional website. Templates are already set up for you, and Google hosts your site. 

• Gmail — An outstanding and fast email system. It has some wonderful features like incredible storage, and easy access to the web, Google documents, and search features that makes it fast to find previous emails.

As a former Googler, I highly recommend using a range of Google products to help maximize your book sales for your website or blog and to check on your book's competition.  

Google Alerts An easy way to receive email notifications based on your web search results. For example, you can type in your name and every time your name appears, you receive an alert email with the appropriate web pages. Search terms pop up in real time. 

Google Book Search — A wonderful electronic library of many thousands of books. You will often find books on your subject area that aren't available through traditional bookstores.