Marketing Guidelines



Capture your target readers with massive exposure 

Create excitement about your book before it is published

Customize your marketing plan for your book

Cross-marketing and detailed marketing plans are provided by our agency to assist our clients in maximizing media coverage.

Today, many book publishers expect a literary agent to include an author's marketing platform along with the book proposal or manuscript.  Why the change in the book industry? One reason is the book market is saturated with self-published authors who have been forced to learn how to market and sell their own books. 

Learning from the success of these self-published authors, major book publishers now believe that their authors should take on this responsibility. This is an unspoken reality. Your publisher will include your book in their printed and online catalog, their sales force will attempt to sell your book, and the Publicity Department will send out your book for magazine and newspaper reviews, but "creative" marketing is limited to smaller Marketing and Publicity Departments in the major publishing houses.