If you use material from a book, magazine, newspaper, website, or any other source, you must ask permission from the copyright owner to use the material in your publication. The only exception is fair use* and if the material is in the public domain.** Look on the book’s copyright page, and you will find the  publisher, title, author’s name, and copyright notice.


A release is required if you use the photo of a person in your publication. You must have written permission from the person you photographed.

Here is a checklist for obtaining permissions:

• Title of the book and author’s name

• Exact excerpts, chapters, page numbers,

paragraphs, specific lines, number of words

• Copyright page from publishers book

• Title of your book and co-authors

• Your publisher’s name

• Title of your publication

• Circle those that apply:

    Mass Market





    Electronic book



• Your book’s publication date

• Cover price

• Number of pages