Publishing Terms

AAP—Association of American Publishers.

ABA —American Booksellers Association.

ABI — Advanced Book Information. R.R. Bowker collects information from publishers for inclusion in their books Forthcoming Books and Books in Print.

Advance —A sum paid to the author on signing of the publishing agreement with the author. An advance is generally applied against (deducted from) royalties or other sums due the publisher. Agents take out their commission from the advance and all royalties earned.

AA —Author’s alternatives. Changes made by an author after type has been set and a charge is made to the author’s account or paid directly to publisher by author.

Auction —The sale that gives several publishers the opportunity to bid on the rights to publish an author’s book and held by a literary agent. The book goes to the highest bidder.

Backlist—Previously published books that are in print. Front list books are recently published books.

Bar Code — Identification and price marking in bar format on books, generally placed on the back of the book. The bar code for books is called Bookland EAN.

Bio — This is the background information about the author, work, and other experience that helps promote the book.


Association of American Publishers — The trade association of the largest book publishers in the United States.