Sample Query Letter

Query Letter Example

Ms. Agent              

123 Avenue

City, State 10000


Dear Agent:  


Re: Fiction/comedy novel, MIXED MEDIUMS

      120,000 words.  Target audience:  Baby Boomers


Pressed like a pannini in the prime of his life, Joe, a member of the sandwich generation, is caring for his children and elderly loved ones like 80 million other Americans today. But he’s in a pickle–the three seniors in his care are all mediums.


As the three aging advisers–Jean, his mom; Vivian, his aunt; and Walter, his uncle–operate between the here and the hereafter, they entangle Joe in their daily lives as they deal with the obstacles of old age, engage dead relatives and a stream of eccentric clients, read auras, and wreak havoc on his quest for love. Add his kids, job, house, and a dead dating scene, and this 46-year-old, damn good-looking guy is sandwiched between lust for life and lunacy. 


Then, things turn around. Jean and Vivian maneuver Joe into a blind date with Moira, who is a medium and psychic herself. Although he’s had it with his mother’s meddling, this is one time he welcomes the intrusion.  Does he dare date this quirky girl with the drop-dead legs? What will his kids say? Will he ever find out Moira is one of them? And what does game show host, Wink Martindale, have to do with anything?


Just when things are looking up for Joe, his mom is diagnosed with colon cancer. For Jean, passing to the other side is like moving to a new city, and she intends to keep in touch.  She does, and no one’s surprised. But they are surprised at who’s getting her messages.


May I forward the first chapter?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Maureen Mancini Amaturo

Copyright © 2008 by Maureen Mancini Amaturo 


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