Subrights Checklist

In many publishing houses, the Subsidiary Rights Department must review a manuscript before an offer is made to the author’s (or artist’s) agent in order to determine the potential subsidiary rights income. This helps the editor or publisher estimate the advance and the number of copies they anticipate they will sell in the marketplace. A complete flow through clause of subsidiary rights income means that the author will receive the author’s share of the subsidiary rights income whether or not the advance has earned out.

First Serial — Excerpts of the book before publication (major agents generally retain these rights) to magazines and newspapers (some major publishers with strong connections to leading magazines will negotiate to retain these rights)

Second Serial — Excerpts of the book after publication to magazines and newspapers

Note: The author’s share of first serial or second serial rights is accounted against the advance, and once the advance has earned out, earnings start to flow to author’s agent.  Agent will receive the check from the publisher and take out the agent’s commission,  generally 15%.

Syndication — Syndication to New York Times Syndicate, LA Times Syndicate

Anthology — Selections or the entire book in an anthology or commercial or academic version

Large Print — The entire book is sold to a Large Print publisher

Library Edition — Sold in the library marketplace